Get into shape after iso in 14 days!

Day 01- Video

Day 04- Video

Day 02- Video

Day 05- Video

Day 03- Video

Day 06- Video


What do I get?

Access to our 14 workout videos specifically selected and designed to get you back into shape. 

Why should I choose a Beat Pilates Boot Camp?
Beat Pilates workout originally was created to introduce a style of working out that benefited the everyday person by combining the benefits of Pilates core training, the cardio benefits of Fitness and the techniques and training of a Ballet dancers legs. Beat Pilates mission is to allow participants to experience a workout that is intimidation free and good for you!

Will I notice a change in my fitness?

If you stick to the 14 days and self motivate yourself, Beat Pilates workouts will change your body and the way you look at fitness. You will be sore but it's important to stick to the boot camp as its only 14 days.

Is the challenge hard?
Yes and no, if you are unable to finish the full workouts listed and need to stop, you can always repeat the challenge as our basic plan provides access to our boot camp challenge for 30 days.

I have injuries, can I do this challenge?
If you have been cleared from a physician to participate in general exercise, then this Boot Camp is perfect for you. The great thing is you are using your own body weight to get fitter faster!

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