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What should I expect?

14 unique workouts that have been specially selected and designed for an intimidation free experience with stepping stones to achieve a body that feels and moves easier. 

What does the Beat Pilates exercise program involve?
Beat Pilates workouts were created to introduce a style of working out that benefited the everyday person. We have achieved this by merging core training from Pilates, cardio training from Fitness, techniques for booty sculpting and Ballet conditioning exercises for chiseled legs & calves.

Will I notice a change in my fitness?

Yes, Beat Pilates workouts will change the way the body feels and you will change the way you look at fitness. Don't forget muscle soreness is apart of change. It's important to stick with the program.

"It's only 14 days"

How long do I have to complete the program?

60 days.

What happens after I complete my 14 day plan?

You are free to Mix & Match the exercise videos to either maintain your fitness or increase your fitness level.




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